To be back to your desk after a 3 week break is actually nice. You feel nice when all your colleagues greet you and your desk has not been changed. The only drawback is that I feel sleepy all the time. I have been sleeping so much these days that it is simply impossible to keep awake for more than 4 hours at a stretch.

I simply cant think of anything to blog about. Not that I had great ideas earlier. But now Its like a block, however cliche it might sound. Maybe I should start posting photographs on this blog. Hmm anyway if any of you have any ideas, do let me know.

Till then, Take care people :)


Nautankey said…
yes yes yes..the rayban snap with demure lokin girl plzzz :P
Prasad said…
LOL..LOL....and the other snap which we saw @ 10 D :DDD plz plz plz!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
dharmabum said…
sleeping? yea right :P
SamY said…
Sleepy? Thats how u are all the time donkey! If you were not sleeping that would be news :p.

I can't believe you don't wake up early in the morning to make coffee for all @ home ;). Damn!
Arpita said…
Nautankey & Prasad- No wayyyyyy.. btw all our snaps are nice and u admitted it:)

Samy- ha ha ha, bad luck loose!

Dharmabum- Aarrrgh trust u to say that!!!

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