Today at lunch i heard this story of how the windscreen of a plane was pulled out while it was flying at a height of 18,000 feet and how the pilot was sucked out of the plane, and surprises, he survived! Amazing na?


Prasad said…
was he eatin lays?? and were u der??? :P
Nautankey said…
Even i heard the story of someone catching detonated bombs and throwing it back,turned out to be rajnikanth.. I think the story u said featured gaptain.
Revs said…
And then you woke up from your dream? :)
SamY said…
I am surprised you were not ROTFL over this! kirukku ponnu! you must have forgotten to mention :).

Perhaps it was a metaphor to what life threatening things a man can survive. Someone is gonna survive you ;) my dear.
Ashwin said…
Well probably the captain wudnt have survived if he had seen you before the incident... or was he gaptain vijayakanth???

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