Things have changed a lot since my last post. Things I never thought will happen are happening, and boy am i glad :-)

Moving on to other things, the attack against the Lawyers in the HC of Chennai has been quite upsetting. More, because of the way the media has portrayed the incident. The Hindu has an atrocious story displayed on its front page.If the Lawyers did create a ruckus in the HC, what was the need for the police to break the HC property? Cars, window panes, bikes have been destroyed. Innocent Lawyers have been beaten up. Isnt it the duty of the executive to supposed to maintain peace? looks like they were looking for an excuse to pounce upon the Lawyers.


Nautankey said…
It's like everyone have their side to the story. Few Lawyers have been into goondaism off late,they literally hijacked buses from HC after that manimaran death issue.Accepted the innocent ones got caught in the crossfire but then cops had no choice.Hopefully this wud be a gud precedent for a few of the rowdy lawyers who have some associations backing them.

And abt the first two lines..comeon have guts...tell us all ur no more single :P. Ur blog fans wont send letters in blood to ur better half :P :P
SamY said…
finally :)
Prasad said…
well congrats on the first part! :)

and well law makers and law keepers hittin each other!!! wat a sight!!! SAD indeed!

u set fire to police booth, we destroy ur stuff!! wah wah!!!

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