I was readin Nautankeys and Sindhu's posts on their fav quotes and was reminded of the time I used to write down every quote I liked in my notebook. Usually the ones I used to write down were from the Learn your English column in the Hindu. At the end of the column they have these quotes of famous people and I used to look forward to tuesdays to read that column. And also the quotes on the second page of the Readers Digest. I regularly read them even now, but don write them down in my notebook like i used to. I guess I went through that phase.

I have gone through tons of different phases like this. But nothing became a long term thing. When I hear people say that they have been collecting stamps/ coins since they were 7 or somethin, I really get impressed. That must be really some kind of involvement/ passion/ interest whatever you call it. The only thing I have been doing regularly all these years is to read the entire newspaper in the morning before starting off on other things. I dont think I can ever let go of that!


Anonymous said…
sounds a lot like me!...i used to write down quotes too..those are the ones i still remember..i continue to read, but forget them before i even put down the paper/book....guess i should get back to writing; you should too!
Nautankey said…
Yeah there were days when i used to have headache if i dont read the hindu sports page in mornings :)..but now laziness[mine as well as the paper boy who comes at 8] has taken a toll and i seldom read it...dont let it go.
Prasad said…
i hav to read something whn um on the potty!!! and itz always been the hindu! :D
Sindhu :) said…
Entire news paper first thing in the morning?


I usually get hold of the Hyderabad Times first - read all the masala movie stuff and then move on to better things :D
dharmabum said…
we can let go of just about anything we want to, IF we want to :)
Da Rodent said…
@arpita: I used to do the stamp thingy for a long time.. but well, we all grow up :P

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