I am back from my vacation. The end of a vacation always leaves me with mixed feelings. On one hand I feel sad that all the fun is over and on the other hand I am glad that I am back to my own house. Nothin like your own home.

Abu Dhabi was beautiful to say the least. The city has been maintained so well. So many malls to visit, so many people to meet, so many cuisines to be tried, so many things to express and so little time. Where does time run and how? I wish I could relive every moment. I wish I had a pensieve.

Dubai was huge and unfriendly. Maybe because of the people. For few days I made up my mind to settle there. And those days scared me. How can I leave Chennai? Though I am bored of my routine here, I still cherish it. maybe coz i love constancy. I can never face change cheerfully.


Sindhu :) said…
Welcome home!

All that caught my attention & interest was - 'so many malls to visit' :)) That would be enough for me!! :D Maybe some beaches also would do, though!

And totally agree with you when you say "Though I am bored of my routine here, I still cherish it. maybe coz i love constancy. I can never face change cheerfully."

Change somehow throws me off guard when it comes in terms of places & people!
Nautankey said…
Hey welcome back..missed you tons[and the 'u-know-what'bottle :P]. BIG cities at times intimidate me, never wanted to stay in mumbai or delhi,leave alone settling down there.

And yeah i can imagine ur preicament abt moving away from teynampet...hope ur route from abu dhabi to thubai was abuthabi-teynampet-dubai :P :P
Prasad said…
:DDDDDDD same as n'key :DDDDDDDDDD
Anonymous said…
hey glad ur back... be careful, don't lurk around anywhere or carry ur violen case on the road...they might just add u to the Mumbai blasts suspect list!
Arpita said…
Ya Sindhu, its very difficult to adjust to new people and place. Worst is leaving behind loved ones. Whoever said change is good is an idiot :p

Nautankey- & Prasad- How thoughtful and nice of you to say those words! I shall keep this is mind ;-)

Anon- As long as I have friends like you, I shall always be at the danger of being named a suspect.
Da Rodent said…
dont go to dubai.. you dont get any alcohol there. :P

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