Here I am, up and sleepy at 11.30 in the night. I badly need to shut my eyes and go to sleep. But at 12 tonight I am goin to get to the wrong side of 25! Crap. How does time move so fast. So many things I wanted to do and never got to do. Maybe I shld make a list of things I want to do before my next bday..



Eppo party? Enge party? enna treat? [:D]
Da Rodent said…
hmm.. tossing the coin on whether I should try again to wake you up :P
Praddy said…
werent u supposed to give a list of gifts which you wanted on your bday ;) ?
Nautankey said…
Wrong side of 25??? I thought you are already in the worng side of 30..bluffing in public forums is bad for health lawyerr...
Prasad said…
happy b'day lawyer!
Arpita said…
Thanks for your wishes guys! :-)

Sindhu- pls come to Chennai, I'l give u a treat then :)
da rodent- wait my time wl also cum :p

Praddy- Yes I was supposed to! that was one of the things I din get to do too ;(

Nautankey- if i were 30, then u wld be 35 my dear :p

Prasad- thanksssssss Gabbar!
DT said…
Sometimes, planning doesn't work, sometimes it's vice versa... anyhow eliminate these worrysome activities b4 ur b'day... so tht the day really becomes a point of celebration!!
Da Rodent said…
@apeeta: well.. after 9 months :)

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