Normally during lunch at office we have heated discussions and arguments. The topic usually ranges from terrorist attacks in Assam to Shriya's i mean.. acting.

So yesterday, we were at lunch and realized that there was nothing to discuss about. The recession is leaving us with enough time during office hours to discuss stuff and so during lunch there was nothing to talk about. So this colleague of mine started off his fav topic- how men are superior to women! Gosh. Anyway yesterday he went a step ahead and claimed that Buddha himself had said that women are useless and not worthy of holding any high position in the society! Me and my other female colleague vehemently opposed this statement and asked him for proof. So today in support of his statement he showed me this paragraph from the book- 'The Buddha and His Teaching'-

'To his question why in public life women are not given the same rank and the same rights as men, Ananda receives from the Master the reply: "Women, Ananda are hot-tempered; are jealous; are envious ; are stupid"

I really don believe Buddha made such statements. But in case he had, I wld say- *%&($)()_@


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