Its 11 in the night and it is raining. Amma is playing 'aaj aalam hai ki' on the guitar . its so dam peaceful that i wish time stops.


Hmm... sounds so good - even reading it :)

Have fun! One of those finer moments in life that are cherished :)
Prasad said…
aaahhhh neat!
Nautankey said…
Hmmm cool...freeze it and frame it :). Thank god you did not sing along..then poor amma :P
Ashwin said…
Wow must have been nice... [:)]
Arpita said…
Sindhu- Its rarely that u realise that u are in one of those unique moments and shld treasure it :)

Prasad - better than alcohol ;)

nautankey- oh we do that too. i sing and she plays along. maybe i'l invite u for one of those kutcheries :p

Ashwin- ya it was :)
Nautankey said… some mercy girl
SamY said…
if time froze you wouldn't enjoy it ... it would be silence :p

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