'Human mind always tries to see a pattern even in the most chaotic things. Our inmate instinct to associate and simplify everything in our lives. And then we disassociate if and when we realise that our simplistic model is flawed. Even then we all continue to do the same in hope, the quintessential delusion simultaneously our greatest strength and our greatest weakness. Life is weird!'- say R


SamY said…
Guess this is subject to interpretation to each persons circumstances. Wondering what you got out of it :-?
Da Rodent said…
weakness?? who says so? its called evolution.. duh!
dharmabum said…
interesting thought.

how have you been?
Nautankey said…
Just understodd the lat line..Life is weird..and who is this R..some drunken sage? :P
Prasad said…
onnum puriyele!!!
Arpita said…
Da Rodent- Evolution huh? hmm

Dharmabum- thanks:) I've been good, wat abt you? long time no news

Nautankey- R is a drunken lemur :p

Prasad- unake puriyalaya???

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