This weather is making me so damn sleepy. I din have a heart to get up this morning. So much for my plans to wake up early and practise violin.
A friend's wedding this evening. A wedding means spending hours in front of the cupboard thinking of what to wear. 'Oh no, not this, I wore this to X's brother's wedding remember' or' oh no, this makes me look like i am some maami', and so finally my mother pulls out her old saree and tells me- 'here, u wear this and dont ask me again'. Left with no other choice, I silently crib and then suddenly realise that the saree's blouse does not fit me at all! Great, now i've a great excuse. So I tell my mom- 'how du expect me to wear this saree, just look at this ill fitting blouse. I mean this was in fashion when Raveena Tandon wore it, but no longer'. But my mother being the know-it-all-lady says- 'I am at home all day so shall alter it for ya'. Hmm no way out I guess, got to go with the maami saree :-(

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