Just finished watching the movie- 'Khuda Ke Liye'. There are some movies which you want to watch all over again soon after you finish watching it. KKL is one such movie. A brilliantly shot movie dealing with a ultra sensitive subject, we've got to give it to the Director who is also the story writer.

The story revolves around two muslim brothers who are extremelly passionate about music. The way their lives change due to extremist influence and the 9/11 incident forms the story. Shaan, one of the brothers, is arrested and tortured for the simple reason that he is a muslim and happens to be in the USA when the 9/11 blasts take place. The torture eventually makes him a mentally unstable and he is sent to rehab. The other brother, under the misguided influence of a Maula, becomes a part of the Jihad forces and forcefully marries his own cousin too.

The movie also has Naseerudin Shah who plays the part of a Maula and explains in the Court about how some people misinterpret the religion and misguide youngsters. His dialouges are simply awesome. I din understand much of it coz it was all in urdu but my mom helped me out :)

What I liked the most about the movie was the truth it portrayed. It does not say Islam is good or bad, nor is it diplomatic. The movie simply says that the religion is not at fault. The fault lies with the people who have decided that they are the authors of the Quran and impose restrictions and create wars.

There is a line in the letter Shaan writes- 'Please dont hate muslims because of the few people who attacked Americans the same way I don hate Americans because of the few Americans who have brought me to this state'.

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