Life is certainly not fair. What you want you dont get and what you dont want always happens. I know the whole philoshphy of you enjoy what you think you don want and everything happens for the best and all that crap. but right at this moment, i don care about all that. I wanted something, and why the hell could it not happen. I mean its not like I wanted to go on a world tour or something. Jus something which could have happened without fuss and without hurting anybody. I really want to know God's modus operandi. Does he actually wait for me to wish for things so that he could do just the opposite?


Anonymous said…
just think it hasn't occured as yet! gives you somethin to look fwd to! life is always fair; i repeat the saying 'this too shall pass' everytime things seem unfair.
dharmabum said…
i read someplace - "God always answers our prayers. Sometimes, the answer is NO" :)
Arpita said…
Anon- ya it is nice to look forward to things and unexpected things do give u a high. but still, i wish wat i want happens once in a while ;(

Who is this btw?

Dharmabum- ha ha ha. that is such a cool line.

Is ur sis stil arnd?
Why Am I said…
why the negativity???? tell me ur wish...i shall fulfill it:P..hehe kidding.. all for the best babe..
Anonymous said…
i'm hurt orpit! by now you should be clear as to who anon is.
Arpita said…
whyami- Wish u were here ;(

Anon- Hey Anon, you were the first person I thot of, but it sounded so unlike u so I got confused. Maybe bringin a person into this world has brot sum sense in you :p

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