The traffic is really bad these days. Twice this week I have made people wait for because I got stuck in traffic. I start on time but the traffic jams are so bad that I get stuck for for hours on the road. Today I had to attend a friend's wedding which was like 20 kms away from where I stay. So I decided to join a friend who lived few kms away. But reaching that friend's place itself became a problem. First of all, no autowala was willing to come. Then I got into one and immediately got stuck in traffic. The autowala very cooly asked me to get another auto. I was zapped. How rude can they get? Then I walked 2 kms looking for another auto. By that time this friend of mine had already waited for an hour and so I asked him to start without me. Then I decided not to go as it was very late and walked all the way back home. wat a day..

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