I invite you all to the book release function of my book- "Dumb People & their Dumber Statements". I have been trying to finish writing this book for quite sometime now but never found enough material to complete it. But in the last few days I have found so many valuable inputs that my publisher had to actually request me to delete certain portions. Those portions wont go waste, I assure you that. They will be a part of my second book.
Now you will ask me- why the hell should I buy this book. Lemme come to that. See, this book will keep away your enemies , annoying neighbours/ colleagues and other such irritating people. The book will quote the situation, the statement and the listener’s reaction. Please note that these reactions were not expressed aloud. We are polite people after all. What ever nonsense the other person says, we keep nodding our head politely and utter the appropriate replies.
There are also patience tests at the end of each chapter. You can ask your friend/ spouse/ mom/dad/ sister/ brother/ uncle/ aunt [just anybody] to read out the quoted statements. You have got to time this. Take turns with this test. The person who takes the maximum time to slap the reader is the winner! Aint it cool!
Since you are reading this, I am sure you would have a lot to contribute to my collection. Do send them to me. I promise to include them in my next book.


Da Rodent said…
wow.. a book?? no.. wait.. I am confused now.. i'll get back in a minute..
Da Rodent said…
ok.. if i promise to read the entire book and say its 'awesome'... will you give me a free copy ;)
SamY said…
ha ha ... think a title like "Silly & Cranky" would be more appropriate ;) ... u never slapped, so chances are neither will the pathetic souls who read your book :D

@da rodent: not sure if you know what u r asking for ... beware of what you wish for
dharmabum said…
i don't have enemies. i'd like to think so, at least. i am non existent, as far as my neighbours are concerned. more of my colleagues are sweethearts, if you ask me.

do you think i'll still need to buy the book? ;)
Arpita said…
da rodent- free copy? sure sure, will sign it for you too :)

samy- now why would i name the book- silly & cranky?

dharmabum- yes yes, you never know wen you wld need this kinda knowledge dude. trust me, i thot the world was sweet and everybody was nice to talk to. but not anymore ;(
Da Rodent said…
@arpita: Aw.. well, will such a signed copy fetch me a million dollars after 5 years? :P

@samy: Well.. it comes free you see.. :P
Da Rodent said…
@arpita: jokes apart, Congratulations.
dharmabum said…
in sanskrit, there is a saying -

yatha drishti, tatha srishti.

the world, is as we see it

how have u been?
Anonymous said…
interesting! considering your workplace, it shouldn't be too hard to complete the book soon.
Why Am I said…
huh/. uhuh?? huh????????????????????????????????? did i read it rt?!!

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