Quote of the day

"A woman needs a man as much a fish needs a bicycle."
- by some woman
I found this quote damn funny for some reason. Also coz I imagined a fish riding a cycle.


dharmabum said…
i saw it in the hindu mag, today was it or yesterday? and i found it quite funny too.
Anonymous said…
i read that too....didn't find it funny though, was confused if fact, wonder what the poor lady meant....must be going through a bad time!
Meher :) said…
Heheh :D that was funny!!!

Don't know about a fish riding a cycle.. but there was a picture in papers recently where a frog was sitting on a toy bike and was holding the bars like it was really riding it :O
SamY said…
whoever wrote it must have been a weirdo like ya :P
Praddy said…
hehe..i remember reading it..its a hit at men..thats ok..we r sportive too :P
Da Rodent said…
Why am I grinning??? :P

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