Vetti notes 1

Gtalk and yahoo chat are usually fun ways to spend vetti time. In fact some conversations can lead to very interesting topics [read kadalai] and valuable insights. But sometimes people can really eat your head. Offlate I have devised a method to judge people majorly basing it on how much time they spend online. If they are forever online displaying an available status for chat- vetti pasanga with no inclination towards building a career, and hence wastrels. These are the kind of people who boast of hi-fi jobs [maybe on-site too] and huge pay packets. But they are forever online and available. Desperately looking for a person to whom they can ask- "Hi how are u?" and start mokkafying.I hear warning bells in my head as soon as I see these four words. It means I am going to get bored out of my skull for the next 30 mins [if lucky 15 mins]. Ignoring such msgs can be a huge mistake too. People get offended and hence you are given a cold shoulder for the next few days.

to be continued..

P.S- The people in the abovementioned category do nt include my dear frnds and especially my partner in mokkai- 'R' ;)

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