Unexpected turns to life. Expected twists hit harder. Amazing self- realisations. Makes me think- Am I actually like this? Maybe the monotony of the routine had stuck on to me. Why do I look for a change so badly? Do I really think it would help?


Anonymous said…
go for a holiday! it'll make u think and realise better. why suddenly this colour change?
dharmabum said…
i don't look for change. i try and bring it on. am addicted to it :)

PS: need a consultation on IP, copyright laws etc. would request your precious time. anywhere, anytime - u tell me please.
Arpita said…
Anon- Ya I think it wld be to AD next! BTW do u like the colour or not?

Dharmabum- Bringin on a change requires hell lot of discipline which sadly, I'm not equipped with :(

PS- Sure! Send me ur email id
dharmabum said…
bringing on changes sure requires discipline. but thats more of the mind than anything else. i can vacillate between strict discipline to absolute indisciplie :P

but what it most requires, inmho, is that one decision - to make the move. to take that step. to risk it, thats all it takes, to bring on change.

PS: kaivalyam@gmail.com

PPS: thank you. if we do meet, you'll be the first blogger in person. and that kinda excites!
SamY said…
** Why do I look for a change so badly?

Coz you'v gone crazy you nut :p
Arpita said…
Samy- look whose talking. You are crazier than me remember?

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