And it happened once again. I was at the Registrar's office and saw this guy who looked very familiar. But the only thing I was able to recall about him was that he was one among my 400 classmates at Law college. Law college is an ocean, believe me. And the extrovert that I am ;-), I had exactly 4 friends. I used to talk to a number of people at college but never bothered to remember their names. Now, I am not exactly haughty or anything. Its just that the time we spent at class was very little and that time was spent in taking notes or making paper rockets. Rest of the time was spent in hanging around the High Court campus. Our college was built in the same campus as the High Court to enable the students to visit the Courts often and listen to the enlightening judgements. But we used to hang out at the High Court canteen [they had 3 canteens which served lovely coffee] all the time.

Ok now I've drifted away from my story. Ya so I saw this guy at the Registrar's Office and he said- "Hi Arpita! How are you? blah blah". He even remembered what I had specialised in my final year! And I could not even remember his name. Ahhhh. I started making small talk while mentally trying to recall his name. I narrowed it down to- Srinivasan/ Subramaniam/Vinod. The more I thought about it, the more I was convinced that Srinivasan was his name. He looked like a Srinivasan. Just then he said-"Do you know, Srinivasan also works with me?" Super!

Now came the part that I was dreading. He asked for my number. I gave him mine and he said he would give me a missed call. Now this Office was very crowded so we were standing pretty close to each other. On top of it this guy was much taller than me. So he could see my mobile display screen clearly. Once I got the call, I had to type out his name. He was looking at my mobile and I was totally caught. Then he smiled knowingly at me and said- "You dont remember my name, do you?" Oh God, make me disappear, just this one time. I was trying of a way to save my **** when my eyes fell on the folder he was carrying. I immediately said- "Of course I remember your name Sendhil. I was just wondering if you spell it with a T or D". Saved :-p


dharmabum said…
thats so cool. and i bet he didn't fall for your retort, though it shows your presence of mind.

am sure he knows this - but thats how it works u know...i mean, the guys do tend to remember more of girls' names than girls do of the guys :)
SamY said…
** He even remembered what I had specialised in my final year! And I could not even remember his name.

he must have had a crush on you :p ... besides alavoda irundha u'd have remembered ;)

** On top of it this guy was much taller than me.

u are shorted than most ppl ;)

** Oh God, make me disappear, just this one time.

God must have though - "what a tubelight" and must have had some mighty laughs
Anonymous said…
nice to read ur little experience at the registry. i know how it's so easy to forget names, but remember faces. speaking about the registry, its becomming such an unplesant exercise, even going there!
Da Rodent said…
LOL... :)
Arpita said…
Dharmabum- Ha ha, ya, he probably understood. But the good thing is that I shall nvr forget his name henceforth!

Guys do tend to rmbr the names of girls btr. Guess its got to do with the fact that girl's names are prettier ;-)

Samy- Crusha? chee chee illai. elariyum unnai maadiri ninaikaadai.
And fyi i am not Short.. grrr..

Anon- I know, the registry is such a pathetic place. Btw this incident didnt take place at the TM registry.

Da rodent- :)

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