Two posts in one day is completely unheard of- atleast from me. But I have this strong urge to write tonight. Its 23.00 hours and I'm dead tired. Seems like people around me are getting increasingly annoying. I don know how to react to them. Close ones are changing. Have a strong urge to beat up certain people. Maybe I should get a punching bag one of these days. I wonder if that will actually help me vent out anger. And I'm not really sure what I'm angry about. I could sit and analyse things but I've done it so many times that I know the answer to that one. Like Chandler says- "Oh dont open that box"!


Anonymous said…
Relax kid, this too shall pass!!!
dharmabum said…
everybody changes. everything changes. life, goes on.

we change too - and with us, does our perception of things and people around us. i waited 10 long years, nurturing a similar feeling inside of me. i yearned a lot many years to get out of home.

then i been out now for a good part of another 9 years. now, its changing again. not that i wanna go back home, yet i do. like they say, home is a nice place to visit - not to live in :)

this post - made me feel like asking u the same question u asked on my blog - do we know each other? :P
Da Rodent said…
screw the punching bag.. get a gun :D you can just send any body who annoys you straight back to hell. :P
SamY said…
you n a punch bag =)) ... comedy po :p

** And I'm not really sure what I'm angry about.

definitely gone case I can say :D
Arpita said…
Anon- Thanks! And I'm not sure which one of you is posting comments now! Any help?

Dharmabum- Home is a nice place to visit and not to live in? Wow, thats the first time I'm hearing that.

Its strange how the human mind works. We don understand our own hearts.

And about this confusion- we should prbly meet up;)

da rodent- Ada paavi enna jail ku annupa plan panariya? :p

Samy- Hello don you feel the same way at times?
dharmabum said…
yes, meeting up would be a good idea. i haven't actually met any blogger friend. felt like meeting one, but never made it. now that you've offered - why not? :)

PS: the hidden agenda is i can also get a lil consultation on IP and all that. guhahaha. *evil grin*
Da Rodent said…
@arpita: duh!.. why else did you study law for? to save your ass.. obviously.. :P
Arpita said…
Dharmabum- that wld be Great!

da rodent- Are u sayin I cld murder ppl and save myself? Ada paavi..
Da Rodent said…
@arpita: :P dont call it murder.. call it something like "annoyance elimination" :P Gives you a whole lot different perspective :P
Arpita said…
da rodent- "Annoyance elimination"??? Wow that sounds so cool. BTW the perspective mite be diff but not any safer!
Da Rodent said…
@arpita: Hmm., its making the world a better place :P

Jeez, I am just arguing for the sake. I know killing people is bad. No matter what.

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