Nice things I did this week-

  • Had a long, warm conversation with a friend who made me realise quite a few things which I had overlooked/ taken for granted.
  • Went for a long drive with my best buddy- both of us singing all the way.
  • Watched a silly sweet movie and laughed at every silly joke!
  • Bought an expensive white shirt and wore it the very next day and pretended not to be pleased with the compliments :p


SamY said…
** both of us singing all the way


** Watched a silly sweet movie and laughed at every silly joke!

what else wud a silly gal do :p ... u silly

** and pretended not to be pleased with the compliments :p

u mean you didn't give that one mile wide smile that you give when someone compliments and u start thinking ur above all?
Arpita said…
samy- first of all, singin loudly without any inhibitions was the fun I was referring to which you sadly missed out on.

And about the compliments thing- I do give a wide smile but nvr start thinkin I'm above all;)

U know wat I'l tel ya in the end! P..................
dharmabum said…
aha - the singing bit - must've been fun.

we were out a few weeks back - some o my colleagues. had called a cab for the late night train, wanted to spend sometime either shopping or drinking or whatever. when the cabbie came, and we told him our train timing - he was furious - coz he'd been told it was urgent and apparently had driven too fast.

then we all sang (not that it was intended) - we just started - 5 of us, and sang and sang for the next couple of hours - and by the end of it - this guy, the cabbie was visibly enjoying the camarederie and one could see that smile on his face.

appa - saari faar the alandufying ma :P
Arpita said…
Dharmabum- So the cabbie actually enjoyed that huh? Or was the smile out of relief that he'l not have to endure the singing for long! Ha ha jus kiddin. Its so nice to sing songs with a group of frnds. A de-stress session, as I wld like to call it:)

Enna sorry? Unga comment varathuku naan kuduthu vichurukanum ;)

Da rodent- I know that smile!
Anonymous said…
very soon, a poor soul will be watching "you, me and dupree"
Arpita said…
Anon- ;-)
dharmabum said…
kuduthu vechurukkanumaa? naan enna avlo periya aala yenna? yenakkey teriyalye :P
Anonymous said…
have u finally learnt how to drive? anyways v never meant when v complemented u!

how r things?
Arpita said…
Anon- Nope still strugglin with the gears :( Wat du mean by u nvr meant it? How rude ;(
Anonymous said…
haven't you done anything worth writing about over the past 2 weeks, like meeting a good friend outside!, or enjoying peace at the workplace! write about something, if nothing, describe your new hairdo!
Anonymous said…
what did you do on your birthday? thats something all hush... hush...

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