Why does it happen that most of things we look forward to so much never turn out to be as much fun as we thought they would? And why is it vice versa all the time? Do expectations reach that great heights that they become impossible to meet?

Btw, made my first foreign trip last week. Went to Penang and KL. Had a blast at the beach. Tried my hand at para-sailing, jet- skiing and the banana boat. Shopping at Kl was so confusing. I mean, I was so confused by the variety of things available that i ended up buying very little. But got my note book!!!!! An Acer Aspire 4720. A long cherished dream finally come true. And also a digital camera :-)

I know the 2 paras contradict each other. But I assure u that they are totally unrelated.


dharmabum said…
why...is that not the most difficult question to answer? i usually find it convenient to take refuge in the unknown...after all, we are but a speck. and so our expetations are but a teeny weeny bit of thought (energy?) as opposed to a cosmic decision. who knows wat that holds?

lotsa shopping huh? have fun! post more, now that u have a notebook abnd all.

PS: furstu bayangara shock enakku - enna da, malaysia varaikkum poi nottu vaanginennu solrangaleynu. acer lam pattu i figgered :P
Anonymous said…
I actually understand.

U were so dissapointed, that you went shooping, and shopping cheered u up !

now how difficult is that!
Anonymous said…
what gifts for your valuable readers???????? I ask on behalf of the others. I got mine..
Da Rodent said…
@arpita: wow.. we get gifts?? How come I was not told about that part?? So., what do I get?
Anonymous said…
where is my gift? not expected out of u!!! how can u behave like the other 1 (hope u understand who)!I'm not there and u have started behaving like the others!!!! what bad influence!!
gud 2 hear that u had a blast and u got ur notepad!! gr8.do send some photos!
keep ur expectations within ur reach u'll b happy! did u meet anybody interesting there!
Arpita said…
dharmabum- "after all, we are but a speck. and so our expetations are but a teeny weeny bit of thought (energy?) as opposed to a cosmic decision. who knows wat that holds?

I really liked that way you put that.The unknown is always best left unguessed.

Hey idu laam konjam too much. U actually thot i was excited over a 40 page ruled notebk or somthin? He he.
Arpita said…
Da rodent- He he don believe wat everybody says Joe! Btw why does it take so long for us to fix up one meetin? This week?
Arpita said…
Anonymous- Hey ofcourse I have nt forgotten you. Ya shall mail you the pics soon. Nobody interesting yaar.IS crowd se kya expect kar sakthe hain?
Da Rodent said…
@arpita: :-S cha., i did not check here for a long time., and looks like i just missed a treat :-( Bah., and last month I was so broke that I Was literally hoping that someone will take me out for dinner everyday :P

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