A mail to me

Attn Sir/Madam,Assalamu alaikum!!!

Dear Beloved this letter is personal, intimate and confidential. Forgive this unusual manner of contacting you, but this is the only option I have. There will absolutely be great doubt and distrust in Your heart in respect of this email, coupled with the Fact that so many miscreants have taken possession of The Internet to facilitate their nefarious deeds, Thereby making it extremely difficult for genuine purposes. There is no other way for me to know whether I will be properly understood, but I have to reach out to someone. For I know that there will be one that can be trusted. I am Mrs. Aisha Mohmmed, wife of late MR, Adamu Mohammed .is 47 years old with only one son. I have been presently diagnosed with severe lungs Cancer and my doctor say it will be a miracle if I exceed thirty days. My late husband whom died of heart Attack was a business mogul in Thailand . Until Recently, I discovered he deposited a huge amount of Money ($8,500! .000.00 USD EIGHT MILLION FIVE HUNDREDTHOUSAND DOLLARS) in Thailand and with my present condition I cannot withstand the procedures involved in acquiring this money. All I request from you, is a letter of Guarantee stating that if this fund is eventually in Your possession, 85% percent of it shall be allocated to my only survived Son who is at his early 20s.and that you will help him to manage a Business with his share which you will introduce him into. If you are honest,capable,trust worthy and interested I would require the following information from you: 1.your Full name. 2. Nationality. 3. Occupation. 4. Age. 5 cells Number # If I happen to be pleased with you Information, I shall advise you on how best to reach me and you must be fast about it so as to introduce my son to you or Do contact my son Musa on his personal telephone number and email address +66 851661349 Or musamohammed_01@yahoo.com . will will continue from where I will stop..May the Almighty Allah Bless You, Mrs. Aisha Mohammed.

This is a mail i received today. I wonder how Musa looks ;)

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