Getting up early in the morning is such a pain. For the past 3 weeks i have been getting up at 5.30 and going for a jog. But it still hasnt become a habit. My mobile alarm tone has become the most irritating sound i've ever heard. All kinds of excuses pop up in my mind at 5.30. Knee pain, dizziness, headache.. Its tuff when you have to convince your own conscience with an excuse. And i don feel that great throughout the day- as opposed to wat my mom says.

Went to watch a play last evening. It was by evam. Not as funny as i expected it to be. The part i really enjoyed was the dance by 5 girls who appeared almost throughout the play. They really did a fantastic job.

This weekend i discovered that the whole city pushes off to either Citicenter or Spencers on weekends. It has become like the Marina beach. The malls were filled with people from all walks of life. I wonder if these people actually came there to shop. It seems that everybody's common mission was to get into a place where they cld escape the heat.


Anonymous said…
i can c that u already have hour glass like figure!!! 5.30 is doing gud to u!!! now start at 4.30!! it'll b better!!!
Da Rodent said…
True about the crowd at these malls. it's become like some picnic spot. Hmm..
SamY said…
** All kinds of excuses pop up in my mind at 5.30.

had you paid like 1000 a month for ur morning exercise then u'd sure wake up ;)

** Went to watch a play last evening

so I didn't miss much on that :)

** Citicenter or Spencers on weekends

I njoi going to these places during the weekdays/nights ... its so much more peaceful ... best place to be during the weekend is over at a friends place ;)
Anonymous said…
nice to see you post something original. keep it up
Anonymous said…
hey anonymous! u should have said a figure deceptively similar to an hour glass that may likely cause confusion in the minds of _____
Why Am I said…
not really...this sunday was full murtham naal so half the city was attending weddings!
Anonymous said…
why am i: just because you attended a wedding, doesn't mean half the city was doing the same.
have you heard the saying about the frog in the well?
Anonymous said…
why am i: u are the frog in the well!
dharmabum said…
i tried. and gave up. :P

and malls r pathetic places as far as i am concerned.

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