I wanted to blog abt something but forgot wat it was. So let me jus keep writing till i remember what it was. Workin on The Standards and Measures Act the whole day has not brought any interesting turns to my life. So here I am, sitting in office on a friday evening with no reason to rejoice coz we work on saturdays too :(

Saw "Mitr- my friend" finally on Zoom this week. Pretty decent movie. I received a good collection of DVDs of English movies [all horror and creepy movies]. I am still wondering if i should watch it coz it looks really gory. One of the movies- "Saw" has people cutting out each other's limbs. So sick!

I am still not able to recollect wat i wanted to blog about. So i guess i'l stop with this. HAve a great weekend u lucky people!


Anonymous said…
hopefully your standards will improve!
KK said…
Yep Mitr is a decent movie...
Yipeeee!!! Its weekend :D you work on Saturday while we have fun :P
Anonymous said…
dear dear make up your mind!!
Anonymous said…
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you poor thing ! how old are you?
Anonymous said…
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'Saw' is supposed to be an amazing movie.. PRobably you should watch it..
one of the good movie is SAW..... i like to watch once more,,, visit my blog
dharmabum said…
we work saturdays too. yay, i have company :D

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