Lots of interesting movies have released recently. These are few of the ones i recommend/ want to watch-

"Water"- A must watch movie. The story is very moving . Though we all are aware of the plight of widows in India, the extent to which they are isolated and tortured is shocking. I would not praise John Abraham's acting skills but his looks are a reason enough for him to be in the movie. Lisa Ray dfntly doesnt look 35. The screen stealer is Seema Biswas. She literally lives the role.

"Blood Diamond"- Brilliant movie. As a friend told me-Leonardo has really come a long way from his "Titanic" days. People torturing the natives of a country to satisfy their needs is plain barbaric. I dont think any woman would want to buy diamonds after watching this movie.

"Mozhi"- I've not yet watched this movie but people are raving about it. It has a very good storyline supposedly. I shall probably watch it this weekend.

"Namesake"- Jhumapa Lahiri's first book was so good that i had great expectations from the second one. But the second book disappointed me. Anyway i'm curious to see how the movie turns out to be.

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