Lots of interesting movies have released recently. These are few of the ones i recommend/ want to watch-

"Water"- A must watch movie. The story is very moving . Though we all are aware of the plight of widows in India, the extent to which they are isolated and tortured is shocking. I would not praise John Abraham's acting skills but his looks are a reason enough for him to be in the movie. Lisa Ray dfntly doesnt look 35. The screen stealer is Seema Biswas. She literally lives the role.

"Blood Diamond"- Brilliant movie. As a friend told me-Leonardo has really come a long way from his "Titanic" days. People torturing the natives of a country to satisfy their needs is plain barbaric. I dont think any woman would want to buy diamonds after watching this movie.

"Mozhi"- I've not yet watched this movie but people are raving about it. It has a very good storyline supposedly. I shall probably watch it this weekend.

"Namesake"- Jhumapa Lahiri's first book was so good that i had great expectations from the second one. But the second book disappointed me. Anyway i'm curious to see how the movie turns out to be.


KK said…
yeah Blood Diamond and Mozhi are good movies to watch... infact a must watch :)

BTW... Congrats on you blog's 1 year completion... wonder how I missed it :)

You read spams??? First person I am hearing like that :)
Arpita said…
And ya abt the spams- thats how jobless i'm [sometimes]!
R.E.B.E.L said…
Water -- Really Good..
Blood Diamond -- I love Di Caprio
Mozhi -- Innum paakkala
Namesake -- I think the book was really good.. The flow of narration was amazing.. And I loooooooooove Kal Penn, so am definitely watching this one!
pravin said…
I'm going to watch 300 tomorrow :D. I like action movies with bare chested men and long swords. :D
pravin said…
Wait. That didn't come out right :|
First things first, its Blood Diamond not Black Diamond.

Next, its a crappy movie for anyone that captured the end message. All is well in africa. And the west saved them! Far from the realities of life. Perhaps it isn't as bad as it was then, but its still bad. I would highly recommend Hotel Rwanda to anyone that felt this movie was good. A perfect non-judgemental piece of movie production. A really good "feel good" movie. Leo dies for the good of the africans. Pure and utter bullshit. For a really good caprio movie, watch What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

Next, Water. John abraham can't act. Thankfully he was no more than a showpiece, female crowd puller (for the shallow ones). Great acting by all except him and Lisa Ray. If it weren't for the power of the script, it would have fallen flat. But its a must watch, as you mentioned.

Waiting to watch Namesake myself too. Lots of hype surrounding it.
Arpita said…
wielder of rotten tomatoes- oops! sorry for that.

Anyway abt ur comments on blood diamond- nobody can vouch for the truth behind the story bt it was an eye- opner all the same!

Abt Water- I told ya, john abraham does not require any acting skills, jus his presence is enuf.
Arpita said…
wielder of rotten tomatoes- and why the hell are females who admire an actor for his looks alone called shallow?

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