The quality of spam mails I receive each day is surprising. It ranges from porn to people selling “enhancing medications”. I must admit that I look forward to these mails once in a while. Now don judge me but hear me out first. Now you are at work and have been working on a certain issue for 2 hours now. If you look into the document one more time you wld tear you hair out. So naturally you chk your mails and all that you have received is this- What's up Jannie, Wanna piIIies? I swear I don know what this means and curiosity takes the better of me and I start reading the mail and its hilarious. The other time you are glad you received one of these mails is wen you feel terribly lonely and after you have refreshed the page arnd 20 times and there is nobody online and then atlast you receive a mail sayin- Madam my father left me 20 million and I need your advice on which bank to invest it. It makes me happy. At least somebody is thinking abt me. That’s my life people!

P.S- BTW its been an year since I started this blog :)

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