Am listening to the Bombay Jaishree song in Pachaikilli Muthucharam. There is one particular fast tune in the song which is captivating. Other than that i don find anything else special abt the song. Ppl tell me its the kind of song which when heard a certain number of times, u start likin it. But then even a crappy song starts to sound nice if u keep hearing it. There are some lousy songs in tamil which i hear everyday because they play it on the Radio. I am too lazy to find a CD and play it, so i jus switch on the radio with the hope that they play atleast one decent song.

The past two weeks have been hectic. Lots of decisions to be taken. Its scary to make a decision and know that you will be solely responsible for all its consequences. So much for growing up!


KK said…
Hey Arpita! How are you?
Yeah, its very true that these radio stations just drill some songs into us... I was thinking about this topic.... you have posted :D

Regarding the decision making thing... I would suggest... think all angles and make a decision... wat ever is the outcome... accept it... You took the best decision at that possible time... so dont think more than that :)
Well thats my policy :D
Anonymous said…
hey Arpita!
why don't you tell us what decisions you are making, we'll help you out with it!
Arpita said…
KK- Thats a gud policy KK. But sometimes it tuff not to regret:(

Anonymous- Tell me- why wld i tell an anonymous person that;)
SamY said…
listen to Madhu Sree sing ... no KILL ... the same song and then u'll know y BJ has done well ... actually if u really listen well and long enuf u'd start appreciating the nuances ... I felt this was an improvement from vaseegara ... but I like "Un Siripinil" song more ... really very relaxing

** Its scary to make a decision and know that you will be solely responsible for all its consequences.

oh yeah! wouldn't it be nice for someone else to do it. When the responsibility is mine, I find it much easier to handle when something goes miserably wrong :). Life doesn't havta be perfect u know.
Arpita said…
samy- in fact someone i knew told me that Madhu shree sounds btr than BJ! mind u-this is not my opinion.

Life doesn't havta be perfect u know- thats so true. But the fear of being blamed or the society's reaction to ur so-called failures don help.

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