Read a damn neat blog today- I realised that we actually enjoy things that we relate to.

Anyways my frnd and i were dining at Saravana Bhavan the other day and the place was very crowded.You would expect a restaurant of that standards to have some kinda regulations. But the place was wrkin like a Muniyandi Vilas. My frnd i were seated in a table for 4( coz nothin else was available) and we decided to sit nxt to each othr instead of facing one another.A couple entered and finding no vacant seats decided to sit at our table. I was so surprised. Coz they didnt even ask us if it was ok with us.

There were few young boys workin there.Some of them looked hardly 12 years old. Suddenly one of these boys dropped a plate and it landed with a big crash.Everybody looked up n the boy was obviously scared. He was not pulled up in front of us but it makes me shudder when i imagine how his act wld have been punished.He looked so young and innocent that my it broke my heart to see him wrkin like that.Even if i want to help him, the max i can do is fund his living expenses and education. What wld happen to his parents n siblings who are probably relying on his income?

I really wish i can do somethin..( jus thinkin aloud guys)


Yogi said…
well, i guess every place around here has that, even orphanages have those kids scared beyond imagination!!whats the point of one if they arent kept happy!!some of them even go to the extent of luring donaters so they get free income!
R.E.B.E.L said…
I cannot even imagine how someone can employ a child to do such work. Do they lack conscience? Basically what people do not understand is that you don't have kids just for the heck of it. Understand if you really can take care of the kid and provide him a decent atmosphere to grow in and then decide to have babies. One must be responsible for his/her children.

I see loads of beggar women who carry a baby for sympathy factor to get money. C'mon people.. is this what you have kids for?

And about people lacking etiquette in restaurants -- tats totally true. They do not even bother to ask if they join the table and once a couple we shared a table with started becoming kind of too intimate to start making us feel uncomfortable! Sheesh.. ppl!
SamY said…
well then chk this out -

SB sucks! I hate the crowd there X-(. Its becomming uncouth, even the A/C part. Service has been horrible in most of my recent visits. Its loosing the charm. Now even these guyz r about numbers

on the bright side those guyz will turn out much more resilient that we r :)
Arpita said…
Yogi- I guess kids in the orphanages face far more serious problems than the kids outside. Its really sad.
Arpita said…
R.E.B.E.L- The worst thing is these beggar women hire or steal kids from other women and use them for beggin.

Its again the atitude of these ppl which is a prob. They think more kids translates to an increase in income.
Arpita said…
Samy- Ya i read that regularly:)
SB is also very overpriced if you look at it in terms of service. Bt nobody can beat its yummy coffee......
R.E.B.E.L said…
hey u kidding.. have u had coffee at MTR blore? The original MTR? Wow.. it's heaven! nothing beats tat!
dharmabum said…
saravan bhavan is lousy. the food is nothing great anymore. the service is pathetic. the crowd unbearable. and the prices, pretty unreasonable.

i see kids working in a place, i try not going back there.
Arpita said…
R.E.B.E.L- I've never had coffee there but still think nothin can beat the Chennai coffee;)

dharmabum- At last someone who likes by blog:))))))) I used to like SB earlier bcoz i had heard that they are really clean and fire any employeee who contracts any infection. But even that has changed now.

And do u find any decent affordable place which doesnt employ kids?
KK said…
Nice to see you post after a long time. :) Welcome back :) I actually came here to tell you to post something, but was surprised to see that I have missed this post :)
Nice post, I feel sad when I see kids working. I have a real soft corner for these children. I recently heard that children cannot be hired by anyone. Including for house work. Has'nt that come into place? I was very happy on hearing that. I heard this news about a month back. Well the worst part is people coming to restaurant treat these kids really bad. Damn those people!
As R.E.B.E.L said people should become more sensible while having kids.
Arpita said…
KK- Thanks! I was away for sometime bt now i'm bk!

Ya the law agnst employing children has long arrived bt i don see anybody following it. I still see kids working in these places.Wat the use of passin the Act then? Its really really sad.

btw- i loved ur post abt the Newyork Nagaram song. Simply fantastic!
KK said…
No one follows that law???? Sad!!! God can only save our country. Hope a happy day dawns for these kids soon. :)
Thanks! Glad to know that you liked my newyork nagaram post :)

Wish you a very Happy Diwali!!!
dharmabum said…
try karpagambal mess in mylapore (its right behind the temple)
it might look a lil shoddy (to my knowledge, its been there for atleast 50 years now), but i can assure u that u wil not have an upset tummy :)
murugan idli is also alright, haven't seen kids around the place.

more importantly, i think it is a very grey area - lotsa kids actually support their otherwise poor / unsustainable families. there r kids(slightly more grown up ones) who work part time
Karthik B.S. said…
yeah, child labour is a sin.. but at the same we have to keep in mind of their future..about their earnings too...
Arpita said…
KK- Happy Diwali to u too!
Dharmabum- Let me take ur advise n visit the k. mess.

Karthik b.s- Bt its sad that they have to fend for their families n themselves. And how is it goin to help a little boy's future if he's gonna work in a tea shop. Obviously he'l not be savin up for the future, so its not helpin them anyways.

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