Can you imagine fully grown adults fighting over chairs and other silly things? I really thought those days at school where i was a victim of bullying and immature fights was over. But it appears that some of those losers never grow up.God if only i had superhuman powers , i swear i would hold that loser by his collar and hit him against the wall till his skull cracked up. But seriously, why dont these losers mature easily? What kind of people would live with them?

The big question is how to deal with such people. i generally ignore such people and let them be happy in their own stupid world. But when they start entering my private space, its too hard to ignore them. Speaking politely but firmly helps a lot, but it is then wen my voice becomes all screechy and squeaky.And these people think i'm intimidated by them! S***.

Anyways let me go n meditate now.


SamY said…
actually when ppl grow up they become quite territorial ;))

I'v seen enuf cold wars @ office ... two ppl fighting for a chair when the others not around ... he he hilarious specimens ... its all given by the company yet ppl fight over it as if its their own #-o

guess it ain't so funny when ur victimized ... try goin lol over it
KK said…
Oh yeah, I too have seen characters who fight over a chair in office. It looks really wierd at what they do at that age...I feel like saying "C'mon people grow up!!". Mostly I too just try to ignore them, as I feel its no point talking to them.
But when they intrude into your private space, then I feel you should intimate them that you dont like it, by just turning your back to them or just tell them that you dont like them talking about it.
R.E.B.E.L said…
so fighting for a chair is something common to every office???? Wow, I thought it was a speciality in my work area.. Has dilbert covered this one?????
Vincent said…
Such kids! Stop fighting amongst yourselves and go take your pick of chairs, pens, network cables etc from the meeting rooms :)
Yogi said…
i know!! i really wish i could yell my guts out at these ppl!!! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU GUYS SQUEAAAAAAK SQUEAAAAAKKKKK!!!!!there we go!
Arpita said…
Samy- Ya its not like you bot the chair or somethin! Am so glad our workplace is not the only one with such fights!
KK- Thats rite, but u know its difficult to be rude coz u've got to see them every morning. Tats very uncomfortable;(
REBEL- Ya Dilbert has. And it was hilarious! In fact Dilbert has one for every kind of office situation. It’s a consolation.
Vincent- Ah if only we cld do tat ;(
Yogi- Hey not like tat. Its sweak sweak( like a gentle squirrel!!)
KK said…
I agree its pretty uncomfortable but sometimes you just have to do it...
Da Rodent said…

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