Had a packed weekend. With pulayaar Chaturthi and the marriage season in Chennai there's some place to go always.

I heard so much abt vetaiyadu Vilaiyadu that i really wanted to know how it was. I was already impressed with the songs. So wen i finally got the tickets for the second day's show, i was very excited. But 2 of my frnds (whose opinion counts) told me after watchin the first day's show that it was a horrible movie. Man, was i disappointed. But the movie turned out to be really gud.I was nt bored at all, the songs were gud, story was decent and of course Kamal Hassan.Though he has a paunch and looks bulky, he plays the part perfectly. Jyothika for once had done a nice job.The storyline is weak in some areas but i guess its not that damaging to call it a bad movie.

Ppl who have watched the movie plz let me know if u too liked it or not.With reasons plz.


Da Rodent said…
nope.. nope.. i'm not experimenting it again. :-S
Syam said…
//was nt bored at all//

wot else can u expect in a tamil movie :-)
KK said…
I liked the movie...I liked the way how the story was handled. Some songs were not picturised well...especially the song "Paartha mudhal..". The camera work was good except at a few places, where they shook too much...But surely I wont say it was a bad movie....
dharmabum said…
LOVED the movie. have even posted a review :)

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