Ah so I’ve been tagged again. This is fun! Ok – there’s this story tag going on. The 1st Chapter was written here www.imusingmyvoice.blogspot.com. And 2nd was written here- www.jsridhar.blogspot.com. The 3rd was written by da fool(www.andwateva.blogspot.com). So kindly read the previous stories to understand mine.

So I was in a small room filled with people who looked exactly like me!God this was really weird. For some reason I was reminded of the belief that there are 7 people like you in the whole world. So I thot to myself- these people cant be real. Actually I could see that some of them had this glazed look. And the worst was that they were not surprised to see that they all looked alike.

I decided that this was right now not the best place to be in, and started to turn arnd to find the door. Horrors of horrors- the door had disappeared!Shit.. what would I do now. And suddenly I noticed that one of my clones looked st at me. And suddenly it was not my clone I was lookin at, but one of my old friends! Boy was I relieved to see him there! I ran up to him n asked wat he was doin there. When I went near him it was not him but someone else. This person also looked familiar but I was not able to place him.

I began to grow desperate and asked the guy where I was. He just gave me such a rude look that I shuddered.And I realised that everybody in that room was mad at me. Some of them I recognised. Ya there was that stupid girl from school whom I used to bully. And there was that teacher I used to hate.Oh and there was this highly irritating nerd from college. Crap! All these people were people I hated!

Great- I thot to myself, I’m in a shitty place and the only ones to help me here are these fools. Then suddenly I reaslised somethin- The girl from school had actually met with a very bad accident and the last I heard abt her was that – she was in coma. And the teacher had been hit by a bus 2 years back.


KK, Da rodent- You guys have to continue this story from here.

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