Its buggin to work wen everybody else is at home.I came to office sniffing and sneezin. Thought that i'l take off home sayin i'm feelin too sick to work. But the bloody heat made me think twice n i decided to stay n irritate my colleagues by sniffin and blowing into my tissue every 5 mins.Feelin very sleepy as i slept at 1.30 last nite after watchin friends.i can watch the episodes over n over again.And i hear many people saying the same thing. that makes me happy. Coz most of the things i'm addicted to are supposed to be really bad or harmful.Other people saying that they're also addicted to friends make me think- thank God, i'm normal.My mom hates those laughter tracks they play in the background and she feels her BP actually rising whenever she hears that.But somehow i got her interested in it too n now a days she does not complain.
Am goin to Thiruviyaar for a violin concert this weekend. I had not practised at all save for the classes. So i sat for around 2 hours ystd and practised.had to close the doors n windows n play coz the music sounds bad at times due to lack of practise.Though its an absolute privelege to play there, i hate to leave Chennai even if its for jus 2 days.i hate changing my whole routine.And another reason is playing in a concert will remind me of my first one...

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