The DC is such a dumb paper. I mean look at news in the first page of their supplementary- " Man runs away with best friend's wife" or " 50 plus Men lookin for partners on the net"!!!!!!!!!! If the front page news is so hot u can imagine the news printed inside. Crap.I mean do they have nothing else to report? The best part is the last page where pictures of some vague people dancing in a party is put up. What did these people do to deserve to be in news? The main paper is no better.People buy it because its so cheap(Re.1). But what kind of knowledge do u derive out of reading it? U might as well read "Ananda Vikatan" or " Kumudam". On top of all that the newspaper is supposed to pose stiff competition to the Hindu!

My irritation reached peaks when i saw a news item on how the actress Namitha has been roped in for a Hollywood movie.A full page article that too..It did not help that i hate that actress. O God u cant even call her one.

I think i have vented out all my irritation..Now feelin better;)


Delhi_tamilan said…
haha...everytime i spend some time on chennai to pick my vaigai, I buy DC. Just got excited to know that they could give it for Rs.1. But yes, it no ways matches to Hindu quality. Cheap and crap are it's features... But I guess even the other tamil paper which is sold out for Rs.1 is also of similar nature, is that so?
Arpita said…
The dinakaran(tamil) costs 1 Re and the gossip they publish is mind-blowing..What surprises me the most is how they underestimate the reader's intelligence.
Da Rodent said…
Heh., DC is crap alright.

That last page is not just about some non-news-worthy things., it is a major invasion of privacy. Most of those parties are private parties. I'm really wondering whether these guys get permissions from the respective people before publishing their faces.

"I think i have vented out all my irritation..Now feelin better"--- Hold a pillow covering your face tightly and scream into it the best you can. Trust me it helps. (courtesy: movie., Lilo and Stitch)
Arpita said…
da rodent- From the way the people smile and pose for the cameras at these parties, i dont think they would mind bein on the crappy last page

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