For you, a thousand times over.....

I read this book "Kite Runner" last weekend. My Mami has a very good taste in books and she recommended this book to me. The book is a very moving potrayal of the life of a young boy, Amir, living in Afghan and how he is forced to flee to America because of the Taliban. The best part of the book is the friendship between Amir and a lower caste boy, Hassan. Hassan is Amir's servant's son and his childhood playmate. Because of some avoidable circumstances Amir and Hassan part. And they never meet again. The way Hassan is potrayed in the book, you almost feel like reaching out to him. Amir and Hassan take part in the kite tournament every year. Hassan runs the kite for Amir usually. He understands Amir's ambition to win the kite fight and so at the cost of his dignity and self-respect obtains the kite for Amir. There's a beautiful line in the book , when Hassan is running to get the kite and Amir asks him if he will be able to get the kite for him. Hassan says- "For you , a thousand times over". This line remains etched in your mind long after you finish reading the book.

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