F**** up world

I was on the tube this morning, feeling very tired and sleepy. My watch said I was running terribly late for my first meeting of the day. But I couldn't care less (heard this before? :p). The line to get on the train at the platform was long and I eventually got close to the yellow line meaning I was first to board the next train. There was a lady behind me who kept saying something loudly. I couldn't understand a word and then realised she was speaking in a foreign language. She kept trying to push me on to the train which arrived with a full compartment. With a lot of shoving I was forced to get in with this lady muttering angrily behind me. There was another lady beside me who looked harassed as well. Suddenly the second lady started to shout at the first one saying, who are you to ask me to leave this country. Apparently the first lady was abusing me and the second lady all this time.I was shocked.Ignorance is certainly bliss, but this realisation shocked me. I looked up to see this first lady's face for the first time. She looked like a normal middle aged woman on her way to work. The fact that a human literally standing inches next to me hated me filled me with such disgust. And terror of course. If this was the US, I probably would go around in a bullet proof vest.


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