I am parama vetti now and also noticed that Nautankey has tagged me. I love doing tags :)

So here it goes- six quirky things about me-

1) I am extremely scared of ghosts even now. I am scared to even near a window in the night. And if someone looks over my shoulder while talking face to face with me, I leap out in fear.

2) I don answer any phone call/ reply to msgs while watching 'FRIENDS' though I have seen all 10 seasons umpteen no. of times.

3) I can read the same books again and again. In fact I have read 'Secret Diary of Adrian Mole' and 'Catcher in the Rye' 30-40 times till date :p Am sure many people would have too!

4) I still count with my fingers, I just cant do math mentally ;(

5) Till I was 12 I never could differentiate between Rajnikanth and Vijaykanth.

6) I can laugh at any crappy joke. Its not exactly something I am proud of, but cant help it. Silly things and stupid situations make me lol.

And now I tag Prad, Dharmabum and Da Rodent


praddy said…
1) From now, I promise i will look over your shoulders when i talk to u :D

4) I still do that too :P

5) I take offence to that :P:P lol

6) Yes i agree, its silly :D

haan will take up the tag sometime :)
SamY said…
** I can laugh at any crappy joke

thats just the tip of your crankiness :p
Prasad said…
WTH!!! how could u ever confuse rajani with gapten!!!!!

eerrr on the counting part...i still do tht too!!!

godo takin up a tag eh!!!! times r changing indeed!
Nautankey said…
1)One remedy for this quirk is,see the mirror often :P fear of ghosts will vanish for sure.

3)I too read every tinkle i get my hand on atleast 5 times..same pinch :P

4)You use the fingers in your hand alone kya?

5)LOL..till 12 was pretty bad.I could not get the difference between jeep n beech till i was 6.

6)the loony tag is hence justified :P
KK said…
I share your 4th point...

You could not identify thalaivar... bad....
DT said…
hii... DT here... i am sure you would remember me much.. but i just happen to visit my old post entires and found your comment to quite few posts... (for e.g. http://pachaimayil.blogspot.com/2006/04/dont-call-me-madrasi.html) and now i wnder, how we lost in touch with each other.. and i'm quite happy 2 c we still blogging.. m sure to visit ur blog more often once again.. hope the same with you..
[1] Same pinch :( I am dead scared of dark places. And my colleague wantedly switches off lights when am the last one left and am still packing my things!


[3] Hmm yeah :D I do that too. 30-40 times.. I don't know, but wouldn't mind reading things again & again at all :D

[4] Yeah.. same again :D I count even the partitions in the fingers :D gives us more numbers in a hand :))

[5] I didn't know who Vijaykanth was... so no question of confusion :))

[6] Same to same!! I can laugh at any stupid joke!! :-|
Da Rodent said…

I just realized that, tags are the only ones where I actually sit and think before posting.. :-S

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