Things I hate about family functions/ family get togethers-

a) Me forced to say -“how are you, your husband/wife, your elder kid, your younger kid, blah blah blah” to a person whose family affairs I’m least interested in.
b) Listening to an aunt describe her kidney stone removal procedure in greatest detail.
c) Listening to a man boast about how his son in the States bought a Vinci/ how he visited the Niagara Falls/ how he cooks his own dinner etc..
d) Explaining for the hundredth time that all lawyers are not criminal lawyers or divorce lawyers. This one really kicks me- people seem to think there are no laws other than criminal law or domestic law. So explaining that I’m into Intellectual Property Law is too hard.
e) Being photographed while eating


rebel said…
And being asked by the mth person the nth time when you are going to get married since you already have a job! Sheeesh...
SamY said…
a) any better the the pleasantaries @ office?

d) yeah and not every lawyer get to say "my lord" :p

e) actually thats fun :) ... u can get wierd expressions of ppl u wudn't get otherwise ;)
Da Rodent said…
@arpita: LOL.., not just pictures.. video.
Anonymous said…
be nice and sweet to ppl, dear.
Arpita said…
rebel- oh ya. thats the worst one actually.
samy- fun? its stupid accordin to me
da rodent- ya videos. and they focus on your face for so long that it gets very painful.

Anonymous- I'm nice to ppl my dear! and i know you know it!
Vinesh said…
oh god - terrible list!
i mean.. the things on that list are terrible to go through :-)

btw.. what IS intellectual property law? something like criminal law? ;-)
Arpita said…
vinesh- i know, terrible list na?

btw.. what IS intellectual property law? something like criminal law? ;-)
Now u don start off :p

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