For the next few weeks nobody in Chennai should have a problem starting a conversation with anyone. Anybody can talk to you abt the movie Shivaji, its storyline, its heroine, the commedy track, the costumes and ofcourse whether the Superstar has lived upto his expectations. Such is the popularity of this guy. Though i think lately his movies are devoid of logic, i wld love to watch the movie asap. Jus to watch it on the big screen and enjoy the crowd's loud comments.

Incidentally i was watching this Nagesh Kukunoor movie- "Bollywood Calling" yesterday. The movie is a sarcastic take on Bollywood movies and the Indian Movie goers expectations. One of the characters in the movie is Manu Sharma [some body like Rajinkanth probably] who has mass popularity despite his being 60 years of age. The heroine explains to the hero [who is a Hollywood actor] about how Manu can dance around the trees with 20 year old girls and the public loving it.

But the same public cant understand how a 64 year old Bachchan can fall in love with a 34 year old Tabu in Cheeni Kum. This is infact a more logical story and probably there are few people who can relate to it. But logic is not appreciated here.

Which brings me to this question- Why cant people accept their age gracefully? There are so many movies that could accomodate an older hero. Claimin that the public wont accept you as an old man is BS.

Anyway i cant wait to watch Shivaji ;-)


SamY said…
** But logic is not appreciated here.

Life ain't all logical :)

** Claimin that the public wont accept you as an old man is BS.

whole many ppl watch movies as a means to entertain their fantasies more than giving work to their neurons ;). much of the people who are crazy and form a major source of income for movie makers are youngsters ... so obviously they make movies which youngsters can relate to :p ... for such people its the entertainment factor ... not everyone is a gyaan devi like ya ;)

lotsa ppl don't go to theatre to think ... they go so that they *don't* haveto think :D. what wud people do to satiate their comic sense if movies of TR / Vijayakanth stop comming. such movies help to ROTFL ;) ... such movies are very vital for out indian ecosystem :D
dharmabum said…
arrey logic vogic chodiye please. 'talaivar' ki picture hai, bus dekhiye, mazey leejiye :)

aur ek extra ticket miley, to humein bhi bula leejiye, please.
Arpita said…
*Life ain't all logical :)
Thats very very true.

Are you sayin that it wld be taxin to watch a movie which makes you think? It would refresh you , on the contrary.

Doesnt it irritate you that the director assumes that the ppl watching the movie are idiots.
Arpita said…
ha ha yahan pe ticket kaahan mil raha hai yaar!
KK said…
Why do we need to consider the hero's or the heroine's real age on the screen... well you may call me double stds, as when I watch Rajini's movie I dont expect logic, but I expect a lot for Kamal. They are different :)

Keep out all the logic side of you when you go for sivaji, because there is no logic at all :)
Arpita said…
kk- because we are not fools. Wen we start appreciating good cinema- then the film makers will also put some thot writin scripts.

u bak after a long time huh? how r ya?
Endevourme said…
first time here :D
ya i too saw BCalling n i luved it!
rebel said…
thalaiya Manu Sharma oda compare panringa! Too much! I, the angry!
Arpita said…
endevourme- Welcome!

Isnt the movie great?!!

rebel- literala thalaiya daan compare pannen. Sorry Madam ;)
KK said…
//Wen we start appreciating good cinema- then the film makers will also put some thot writin scripts.//

Well I dont see that happening for Indian movies... I dont understand how movies like God Father, Unnale unnale can be hits in India. For that matter Eklavya too.. These movies dont deserve to be called hit. But one good thing is these movies have taught me to be more selective while watching a movie :)

I am gud, how r ya? Yeah I am back after a long time, but still not fully back... I will going on a hiatus again in July....
Da Rodent said…
haha.. i'm gonna watch that movie no matter how crappy it is. For two reasons: 'Hot heroine' :P, and 'a good laugh' :)
The movie really really sucked. Old people will act because they make money. And they make more money starring than playing the father-in-law.

I also agree good cinema is more satisfying than the leave-your-brains-at-home brand since it (hopefully) keeps you thinking even after the movie. Paisa vasool?

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