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I am planning on having a movie marathon this long weekend. I am too tired to go out and would most probably sit at home doing nothing. But also I am hoping the 'nesting' phase sets in this weekend, which would be incredibly helpful.

So about the movies, this is what I want to watch:

Gangs of Wassepur [both parts hopefully]
Anbe Sivam
Green Mile
Manal Kayaru
Shor in the City

I think this should do for now. I wonder how many of this P would agree to. He would most probably agree to all of it, but also make me promise that I sit through some of his choices as well. Which might be a problem :p

I was recently having lunch with one of my Indian colleagues, who has lived here for over a decade. During some conversation about India, I happened to mention the Guwahati incident to him. He had not heard about it, which I found strange because he seemed up-to-date with the Satyameva Jayate episodes. In any case, I narrated the incident to him. Once I was done this guy asked me- So what was this girl doing in a pub? This was the first reaction from a person who has lived in the UK for most part of his adult life. Can you imagine my anger when I heard his question? But he was a colleague and I did not want to appear rude, so I asked him if he visited pubs. He said, thats not the point. For a man or woman, what is the need to go to a pub.

I really do not understand this mentality of throwing the blame off the molester/ rapist or murderer. How on earth is going to a pub bad? I agree, drinking beyond limits is a bad habit. But people visit a pub for socialising, relaxing and a variety …